Management Policy and Code of Conduct

Management Policy

Provision of Safe and Comfortable Offices and Living Spaces, thereby Contributing to People and the City

Vision for the Medium- to Long-term Management Plan: Over the NEXT DECADE (FY2014–FY2023)

Aiming to Be a Company That Contributes to Revitalizing Areas

We are advancing to our next phase: “Aiming to be a company that contributes to revitalizing districts.” Our objective is to increase our presence in society and build a foundation for further growth and increased corporate value.
We also employ the expertise we acquired through the redevelopment of Nihonbashi Kabutocho and Kayabacho in revitalizing other urban districts.

Code of Conduct

We, the Heiwa Real Estate Group, are aware of the weight of our social responsibilities and strictly comply with any and all laws, regulations and rules, as persons pursuing the realization of an affluent urban environment by providing comfortable offices and living spaces. Moreover, we aim to be a company that perpetually earns the trust of society by observing the highest ethical standards.

We have hereby established a Code of Conduct and have made the Code the basic policy of the Group for conducting its corporate activities.

Basic Mission

The Company strives to provide safe, high-quality, and valuable goods and services from the viewpoints of its customers in accordance with a basic policy of providing comfortable and affluent offices and living spaces.

Compliance with Social Norms

The Company strictly complies not only with the relevant laws and regulations, but also with various regulations and rules inside and outside the Company, and thereby endeavors to conduct sincere, fair, and transparent corporate activities in compliance with social norms.

Information Disclosure in a Timely and Appropriate Manner

The Company works to broadly communicate not only with shareholders, but with all of society, and discloses information on overall corporate management in a timely and appropriate manner.

Personal Information and Other Information Management

The Company appropriately manages the personal information of customers and other important information held by the Group, and thereby strives to reinforce its information management controls to prevent the leakage and outflow of information, etc.

Harmony with Society

The Company places importance on coexistence with local communities and broadly works to contribute to society as a good corporate citizen.

Firm Response against Antisocial Forces

The Company will respond firmly against antisocial forces that jeopardize the order and safety of civil society.

Consideration for the Environment

The Company considers its initiatives in environmental concerns as fundamental managerial issues and will promote the initiatives throughout its overall corporate activities.

Ensuring a Safe and Comfortable Work Environment

The Company endeavors to respect each employee’s character, eliminate any and all discrimination and harassment, and ensure a safe and comfortable work environment. Through these efforts, the Company strives to realize a sense of latitude and abundance.

Thorough Observance of Corporate Ethics

In the firm belief that its officers and employees are themselves responsible for realizing the Code, the Company will make them fully aware of the Code and develop an effective internal structure for its realization. If any event or action contrary to the Code is discovered, the Company will disclose the information thereon in a timely and appropriate manner, investigate the causes, and endeavor to prevent the recurrence of such event or action. The Company will also clarify where the responsibilities for the event or action lies and take a firm stance against it.