Message from the President

Heiwa Real Estate reaches for new heights as a company that contributes to revitalizing areas

On behalf of the Heiwa Real Estate Group, I would like to welcome you to our website and thank you for your interest in our business.

Heiwa Real Estate was established in 1947 as the owner of buildings for stock exchanges in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and elsewhere. Our head office is located in Tokyo’s Nihonbashi Kabutocho and Kayabacho district, which is widely known as the home of the securities, finance, and investment sector. We have contributed to the development of this area while carrying the serious responsibility of providing infrastructural support for Japan’s financial market.
Nihonbashi Kabutocho and Kayabacho was once a truly cutting-edge financial district, where Eiichi Shibusawa, a leading figure who contributed to Japan’s modernization in and after the Meiji period (1868–1912), founded Japan’s first bank, the Dai Ichi Kokuritsu Ginkō. As the birthplace of Japan’s rising economy, the Tokyo Stock Exchange and many companies were established in the area. Just as the district was once the base for Eiichi Shibusawa’s pioneering work, it is now the home of startups. While harnessing the district’s special character and history as a hub for finance and startups, we are working to not only restore it to its previous level of prosperity but also transform it into a vibrant area for a diverse range of people, including those who work there as well as local residents and visitors.

It has been around two years since we opened KABUTO ONE in 2021. The building now represents a new landmark in the Nihonbashi Kabutocho and Kayabacho district and is being used for a variety of purposes. Since 2020, starting with HOTEL K5, we have also worked to renew the district’s atmosphere and make it more vibrant by attracting a wide range of unique stores. Despite working under the COVID-19 pandemic, I feel our efforts have successfully transformed the Nihonbashi Kabutocho and Kayabacho district into an attractive urban area that people are drawn to.

As we redevelop and revitalize this district to become more bustling and lively, we will strive to enhance our corporate value through urban development and solutions to environmental and social issues that are only possible at the Heiwa Real Estate Group. As a company that contributes to the revitalization of urban areas, Heiwa Real Estate will draw from its extensive track record and experience in redeveloping Tokyo’s Nihonbashi Kabutocho and Kayabacho district, striving to play an even greater role in the redevelopment of the city of Sapporo now that it is in a position to contribute even more through such projects going forward.

Amid a business environment undergoing significant changes, including evolving demands for sustainability management, breakneck advancement in digital transformation (DX), and diversification of work and life styles, last year we transitioned from a being a Company with a Board of Company Auditors to a Company with a Nominating Committee. We will continue to strengthen governance, and our executive team will employ speedy decision-making to swiftly respond to issues.
Despite remarkable changes in the external environment, we are committed to appropriately addressing the diversifying needs of our stakeholders in our management activities with the aim of steadily increasing corporate value. Going forward, I hope that we can count on your continued understanding and support for our activities.

June 23, 2023
Kiyoyuki Tsuchimoto
Representative Executive Officer, President and CEO