Message from the President

Message from the New President

My name is Kiyoyuki Tsuchimoto and I took office as Representative Director and President on December 20, 2019.

Heiwa Real Estate was founded in 1947 as the owner of buildings for stock exchanges in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and elsewhere, which play a central role in Japan’s financial markets. Since then, carrying the serious responsibility of providing infrastructural support to the stock market, we have expanded our business operations on a foundation of trust as Japan’s only real estate company with stock exchange buildings in its property portfolio.
The basic mission of a real estate company is to provide an environment of convenience, comfort and safety that allows tenant companies and people to connect and demonstrate their capabilities, and have an affluent life. In other words, developing infrastructure is thought to be the livelihood of real estate companies. Therefore, I have come to believe that since we operate in the Nihonbashi Kabutocho and Kayabacho areas, we must also focus on enhancing Tokyo’s international competitiveness.

We announced our Revitalization Vision for Nihonbashi Kabutocho in 2014, and began creating a district where people connect, and where investment and growth are born. The Company has been located in Nihonbashi Kabutocho and Kayabacho since its establishment, enabling us to inherit and develop the unique qualities of this district. Our goal is “the classic look and feel” of Kabutocho, which is taking shape throughout the district in tandem with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s ongoing “Global Financial City: Tokyo” vision.
Redevelopment of Nihonbashi Kabutocho and Kayabacho is one component of this vision, and helps us fulfill our role of contributing to improving the infrastructure of Tokyo’s financial district.

We need to create value unique to Heiwa Real Estate and enhance our social presence as a facilitator of Japan’s financial districts. While maintaining steady growth, we will continue to evolve by enhancing our development, proposal and planning capabilities in order to take on various new challenges. In addition, I would like Heiwa Real Estate to position itself to contribute significantly to revitalization as part of the “Global Financial City: Tokyo” vision and in other urban districts, and to be a company that contributes more than ever to revitalizing districts.

As the fiscal year ending March 31, 2020 marks the final year of Phase II of our Medium- to Long-term Management Plan, it will also be time to work on formulating a new management plan. Taking the basic approach of “no growth that compromises trust,” we are committed to applying the highest ethical standards to our management activities with the aim of steadily increasing corporate value. I count on your continued understanding and support for our activities.

Kiyoyuki Tsuchimoto
Representative Director and President