Corporate History

The Japan Securities Exchange was created as a quasi-governmental organization in 1943 through a merger of all of the eleven stock exchanges existing in Japan at that time and was dissolved four years later in 1947. In order to lease the stock exchanges and other facilities operated by the Exchange in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and elsewhere to newly founded membership organization-type stock exchanges upon its dissolution, the Exchange contributed these assets in kind as an incorporator, thereupon established Heiwa Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Establishment Phase: Supporting the Securities Industry

Established as the owner of stock exchange buildings, we built the foundation of our business by leasing stock exchange buildings and by developing the building leasing business mainly in neighborhoods for stock exchanges.

The Company is established (Capital: ¥67 million) with a Head Office located in Tokyo, a branch in Osaka, and local offices in six other cities.
Stock trading floor buildings (Tokyo and Osaka) and a securities building (Nagoya) are leased to the respective stock exchanges.
Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Osaka Securities Exchange, and Nagoya Stock Exchange.
(Listed on the Fukuoka Stock Exchange in July 1949 and on the Sapporo Securities Exchange in July 1950)
Opening ceremony held on the stock trading floor of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Covered by the designated issues (specific issues) system of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
(In June 1950 under the system of the Osaka Securities Exchange and November 1951 under the system of the Nagoya Stock Exchange)
Completes construction of Fukuoka Shoken Bldg.
Completes construction of Kyoto Shoken Bldg.

Business Diversification Phase: House Sales Business and Other Businesses

We expanded into new businesses in step with changes in the social environment. We entered the suburban housing development business and the condominium sales business.

Completes construction of Fukuoka Heiwa Bldg.
Ventures into the residential land sales business in Nagareyama Heiwadai
Promotes the Nagoya and Fukuoka local offices to branches
Ventures into the detached house sales business in Fusa Heiwadai
Ventures into the condominium sales business in Sunny Park Heights Narita
Completes construction of the stock trading floor building [Currently TSE Arrows] within the Tokyo Stock Exchange Bldg. complex
Stock trading floor of the stock trading floor building within The Tokyo Stock Exchange Bldg. complex
Establishes Heiwa Regional Service Co., Ltd. [Currently Heiwa Service Co., Ltd.]
Completes construction of Yokohama Heiwa Bldg.
Completes construction of Osaka Heiwa Bldg.
Ventures into the real estate distribution (brokerage) business
Completes construction of the main building of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Bldg. complex
Completes construction of Kayabacho Heiwa Bldg.
Completes construction of DAIMARU Kyoto Store (West) Kyodo Bldg.
Completes construction of DAIMARU Kyoto Store (North) Kyodo Bldg.
Starts sales of FLARGE Kitakonosu, the first of a series of FLARGE condominiums

Leasing Business Asset Expansion Phase: Enhancing the Revenue Base

We increased assets in the leasing business such as office buildings and commercial facilities to enhance our revenue base.

Acquires Mita Heiwa Bldg.
Acquires Uchisaiwaicho Heiwa Bldg.
Acquires Dogin Bldg.
Completes construction of Nagoya Heiwa Bldg.
Completes construction of Osaka Securities Exchange Bldg.
Opens the Sapporo Branch
Acquires Kayabacho 1-Chome Heiwa Bldg.
Completes construction of Nagoya Stock Exchange Bldg.
Makes Housing Service Co., Ltd. a consolidated subsidiary
Completes construction of Hotel Brighton City Osaka Kitahama
Makes Canal Investment Trust Co., Ltd. (Currently HEIWA REAL ESTATE Asset Management Co., Ltd.) a consolidated subsidiary
Completes construction of CentRise Sakae
Completes construction of Ichibancho Heiwa Bldg.

A New Phase of Growth

We are now working on redevelopment projects in Nihonbashi Kabutocho and Kayabacho, where the Tokyo Stock Exchange Building is located, beginning our next phase: Aim to be a company that contributes to revitalizing districts.

Makes the Tokyo Shoken Building Incorporated a consolidated subsidiary
Announces the Revitalization Vision for Nihonbashi Kabutocho
Completes construction of Kitahama 1-Chome Heiwa Bldg.
Completes construction of Maruzen Nagoya Honten Bldg.
Acquires Quatro Muromachi Bldg.
Acquires Kabutocho Heiwa Bldg. No.6
Acquires Osaka Midosuji Bldg.
Acquires Sakae Sun City Bldg.