Portfolio Data

Portfolio Data

Heiwa Real Estate owns over 50 buildings in major city centers across Japan, including the Nihonbashi Kabutocho areas of Tokyo, the Kitahama areas of Osaka, the Sakae areas of Nagoya, the Tenjin areas of Fukuoka, and the Odori Park area of Sapporo.

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Tokyo’s Nihonbashi Kabutocho and Kayabacho areas

Home to the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Nihonbashi Kabutocho is well-known throughout the country as a stock trading district, and is also where the Heiwa Real Estate (the Group) was founded and currently has its headquarters. The Group owns several buildings in the district, including the Tokyo Stock Exchange Building, Nisshokan Building, Kabutocho Heiwa Building No. 6, and the Tokyo Shoken Kaikan Building. The Group is working to revitalize an area roughly 100,000 m2 in the Nihonbashi Kabutocho and Kayabacho areas.

  • Tokyo Stock Exchange Building
    Tokyo Stock Exchange Building
  • Nisshokan Building
    Nisshokan Building
  • Kabutocho Heiwa Building No. 6
    Kabutocho Heiwa Building No. 6

Osaka’s Kitahama areas

Home to the Osaka Securities Exchange, the Kitahama areas of Osaka is the city’s financial district. Since redeveloping the Osaka Securities Exchange Building in 2004, the Group has been contributing to the areas revival with the development of the Hotel Brighton City Osaka Kitahama in 2008, the Kitahama condominium building in 2009, the Heiwa Real Estate Kitahama Building in 2011, and the Kitahama 1-Chome Heiwa Building in 2015.

  • Osaka Securities Exchange Building
    Osaka Securities Exchange Building
  • Hotel Brighton City Osaka Kitahama
    Hotel Brighton City Osaka Kitahama

Nagoya’s Sakae areas

In Nagoya’s main commercial district of Sakae, the Group redeveloped the Nagoya Heiwa Building in 2004, the Nagoya Stock Exchange Building in 2007, CentRise Sakae in 2010, and the Maruzen Nagoya Honten Building in 2015. Through revitalizing projects aimed at enhancing the areas appeal, the Group has been bringing new energy to Isemachi Street, a major thoroughfare in the 3-Chome neighborhood of Sakae.

  • CentRise Sakae
    CentRise Sakae
  • Nagoya Stock Exchange Building
    Nagoya Stock Exchange Building
  • Maruzen Nagoya Honten Building
    Maruzen Nagoya Honten Building

Fukuoka’s Tenjin areas

In Fukuoka’s Chuo Ward, many office buildings and commercial facilities as well as the city hall are located in Tenjin, making it an important district for the development of leased buildings along with the city’s Hakata Ward. Heiwa Real Estate owns several properties in the bustling area surrounding Tenjin Station, including the Fukuoka Shoken Building, the Fukuoka Heiwa Building, and the Tenjin Heiwa Building.

  • Fukuoka Shoken Building
    Fukuoka Shoken Building
  • Fukuoka Heiwa Building
    Fukuoka Heiwa Building
  • Tenjin Heiwa Building
    Tenjin Heiwa Building

The city of Sapporo in Hokkaido Prefecture

Heiwa Real Estate owns the Sapporo Ekimae Godo Building and several other buildings in central Sapporo, which is attracting numerous companies. It also owns the Dogin Building and Shin-Odori Building in the Odori Park area, a major thoroughfare lined with financial institutions and commercial buildings.

  • Dougin Bldg
    Dougin Bldg.
  • Shin-odori Bldg
    Shin-odori Bldg.

Sendai’s Ichibancho areas

In 2012, Heiwa Real Estate constructed the Ichibancho Heiwa Building as a new landmark in Sendai, the largest city in Japan’s northeast Tohoku region. Conveniently situated near the intersection of a shopping street leading to Sendai Station and Higashi Nibancho Street, a major thoroughfare, the building has attracted prominent commercial tenants and brought new energy to the city.

  • Ichibancho Heiwa Bldg.
    Ichibancho Heiwa Bldg.
  • Ichibancho Heiwa Bldg.
    Ichibancho Heiwa Bldg.
  • Solala Plaza
    Solala Plaza