Privacy Policy

1. Basic Principles

The Company abides by all laws and regulations on protection of personal information and ensures that all officers and employees properly handle and protect personal information. To comply with legal requirements and enhance personal information protection, we continually review and revise our information management regime.

2. Collection, Use, and Provision of Personal Information

We use appropriate methods to collect personal information, and make public, specify, or notify directly of its intended use. We will not use personal information beyond its initial purpose of use without the customer’s consent.

3. Intended Uses of Personal Information

  1. We use personal information for conducting sales activities, fulfilling contracts, and providing information and services pertaining to the following operations and related activities:
    • purchase, sale, and leasing of real estate, agency or brokerage thereof, and real estate management;
    • purchase or sale of beneficiary rights from a real estate trust, trust in surface rights, or trust in real estate lease rights;
    • securitization of real estate;
    • administration and rental of sports facilities, recreational facilities, and such; and
    • financing secured with real estate or securities, and brokering or guaranteeing thereof.
  2. We use personal information for marketing activities (such as surveys), analysis of customer trends, and product development studies and analyses.
  3. We use personal information to screen applicants for jobs at the Company.
  4. We use personal information only with prior consent, except when providing it to a third party insofar as necessary for the purposes specified in (1), or in cases provided for by laws and regulations.

4. Secure Management of Personal Information

We manage personal information properly and with due care. We implement all necessary and appropriate security management procedures to prevent personal information from being accessed without authorization, lost, manipulated, or leaked.

5. Outsourcing the Handling of Personal Information

We may in certain cases outsource the handling of personal information. In such cases, we select a service provider that takes ample steps to protect personal information, and appropriately supervise them as necessary.

6. Disclosure of Personal Information and Contact Point

Please direct requests to disclose, correct, or stop using personal information about yourself held by the Company, or comments or inquiries about how we handle personal information, to:

General Affairs Department

Heiwa Real Estate Co., Ltd.
1-10 Nihonbashi Kabuto-cho
Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8222
Tel: +81 03-3666-0181 Fax: +81 03-3666-4930
(Hours: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. weekdays)