Risk Management / Compliance


We have established the Heiwa Real Estate Group Code of Conduct to instill a compliance mindset in all employees. We also organize regular compliance training.
To further promote compliance consciousness, we conduct regular company-wide compliance and information security checks and inform employees of the results.
To ensure that compliance issues are addressed quickly, we operate a group-wide whistleblower hotline that all employees, including those of group companies, can use to report malpractice.

Risk management

As part of our group-wide internal controls, we require our subsidiaries to observe the Risk Management Guidelines so as to ensure a consistent risk management framework throughout the group. We have a risk management committee chaired by the Representative Director (the committee met four times this year). In accordance with the Risk Management Guidelines, the committee assesses harmful incidents, hazards, and near misses, and discusses measures to prevent recurrence.
Before a potential property transaction is discussed by the Board of Directors, the Investment Risk Working Group analyzes the risks associated with buying or selling the property in question and reports its findings to the Managing Officers’ Meeting.
To minimize the risk of an emergency disrupting business, we have established a business continuity plan and a manual based on this plan.

Basic Information Security Policy

Basic Philosophy

The Group aims to be a company that excels at information utilization by realizing the effective use of information and ensuring information security. We have established an information management system to facilitate the appropriate management of risks to gain social trust and utilize information assets to facilitate smooth business operations.

Basic Approach

The Group views the appropriate management of information risks as one of its most important information strategies. We formulated the following basic approach to implement information security throughout the Group.

1. Information Security Management System

The Group has established an information security management system and strives to protect and appropriately manage all information assets held by the Group.

2. Internal Rules Related to Information Security

The Group maintains internal rules based on this basic approach and ensures all officers and employees are thoroughly aware of these rules.

3. Information Security Training

The Group conducts ongoing training requisite to ensuring information security and attempts to improve information literacy among all officers and employees.

4. Information Security Countermeasures

The Group implements appropriate countermeasures for ensuring the safety of information assets and protecting against threats including unauthorized access, destruction, data leaks, spoofing, loss and theft.
Furthermore, in the event that information asset security is breached, we make every effort to minimize damage, quickly identify the cause and prevent future recurrence.

5. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

The Group complies with laws and regulations related to information security, guidance provided by the Japanese government and other social norms.

6. Continuous Improvements

The Group strives to continuously review and improve the abovementioned initiatives.