Initiatives for Shareholders and Investors

Basic Approach

The Heiwa Real Estate Group strengthens corporate governance Group-wide to earn the trust of shareholders and other stakeholders and to manage its businesses fairly and efficiently. The Group also creates a wide range of opportunities to engage with shareholders and investors by proactively making such efforts as holding financial results briefings and attending events for individual investors.

Corporate Governance

Heiwa Real Estate considers the enhancement of corporate governance an important business issue. We strengthen Group corporate governance to earn the trust of shareholders and other stakeholders and to manage our businesses fairly and efficiently.

Promoting Constructive Dialogue

Approach to information disclosure

In accordance with its Disclosure Policy, Heiwa Real Estate aims to disclose accurate information in an impartial and timely manner in order to facilitate investment decisions among shareholders and investors. In compliance with relevant laws and regulations, the Group proactively provides details of its management strategies and financial results, which promotes better understanding of its business activities. The Group also promptly provides information that falls outside the scope of timely disclosure regulations and related laws on its website when such information is deemed useful for investment decisions by shareholders and investors.

Presentations for Individual Investors

Heiwa Real Estate proactively engages in IR events for individual investors to provide them with detailed information about the Group. Specifically, it participates in the Tokyo Stock Exchange's IR Festival, the Nagoya Stock Exchange's IR Expo, the Nikkei IR and Investment Fair, the Nomura IR Asset Management Fair, and other conferences and seminars targeting individual investors, thereby creating opportunities for many people to learn more about the Group. Heiwa Real Estate intends to further expand its IR activities for individual investors in the future.

Briefing Sessions for Institutional Investors and Analysts

Twice annually, Heiwa Real Estate holds briefing sessions on its interim and fiscal year-end financial results primarily for institutional investors.

Dividend Policy

Dividend Policy

The Group strives to suitably reward shareholders by paying dividends twice a year (an interim dividend and a year-end dividend).