Approach to CSR

CSR Vision

Under its slogan of “Aiming to be a company that contributes to revitalizing areas,” the Heiwa Real Estate Group works to help communities overcome challenges and enhance the satisfaction of its stakeholders through its business activities as ways to continuously offer value to people throughout society.

Stakeholder Engagement

The Group promotes engagement with all stakeholders in order to mutually strengthen bonds with everyone who has a stake in its business. At the same time, the Group endeavors to improve urban environments, bring value to communities and help people benefit economically with a view to help make society more sustainable.

  • Building tenants and users

    The Group works to ensure sound business activities and improve its services from the standpoint of its building tenants and users, while responding to their concerns fairly and sincerely.

  • Business partners

    The Group conducts business in good faith in accordance with societal norms and laws related to free and fair competition and transactions in an effort to mutually raise corporate value together with its business partners.

  • Employees

    The Group endeavors to respect each employee's character, eliminate any and all discrimination and harassment, and ensure a safe and comfortable work environment. Through these efforts, the Group strives to realize a sense of latitude and abundance.

  • Shareholders and investors

    The Group creates a wide range of opportunities to engage with shareholders and investors by proactively making such efforts as holding financial results briefings and attending events for individual investors as well as disclosing information in a timely and proper manner.

  • Global environment

    Giving full consideration to its responsibility to conserve the natural environment, the Group actively implements environmental initiatives while complying with environment-related laws and regulations.

  • Local communities

    The Group places importance on coexistence with local communities and broadly works to contribute to society as a good corporate citizen.