Initiatives for Tenants

Basic Approach

The Heiwa Real Estate Group strives to provide safe, high-quality, and valuable goods and services in accordance with a basic policy of providing comfortable and affluent offices and living spaces. The Group works to ensure sound business activities and improve its services from the standpoint of its building tenants and users, while responding to their concerns fairly and sincerely.

Improving Service and Quality

Maintaining and improving the quality of office building operations

Heiwa Real Estate works to ensure that the overall management and operations of its buildings are maintained at a uniform level of high quality, and makes improvements whenever necessary. For that purpose, it periodically compiles reports on the operational status of its office buildings together with the companies consigned to manage the buildings, and verifies that they are performing their duties appropriately and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. The Group also requires these management companies to report on any problems that have occurred in the buildings along with the results of measures to rectify such problems.

Using questionnaires to ensure tenant customer's satisfaction (CS)

Heiwa Real Estate has all tenants of its office buildings complete a questionnaire on the level of their satisfaction. The questionnaire covers multiple aspects of building management and usage, including elevator operations, air conditioning, cleanliness, security, and building staff. The Group carries out improvements based on the feedback and requests that it collects from tenants in an effort to promptly raise the level of their satisfaction.

Organizing gatherings for tenants

Heiwa Real Estate organizes tenant forums for all of its office building tenants to provide opportunities for them to meet and promote their businesses. The gatherings also provide valuable new opportunities for new tenants.

Maintaining Building Safety and Security

Holding disaster preparation and crime prevention drills

Heiwa Real Estate holds disaster preparation and crime prevention drills at its office buildings in order to ensure safety and security for tenants. It also initiates various measures for improving building safety and security on an ongoing basis.

Business continuity planning

Heiwa Real Estate has set up a notification system for providing damage reports to the tenants of its office buildings in the event of an earthquake or other natural disaster, and has made preparations for alleviating the damage caused by such a disaster. Emergency food and supplies are also stored at the buildings for tenants during times of disaster.

Ensuring the earthquake resistance of buildings

Heiwa Real Estate has assessed the earthquake resistance of all its buildings that were constructed before Japan's new earthquake resistance standards, and seismically reinforced almost all the buildings deemed to fall short of those standards. The Group has also rechecked the structural calculations of its office buildings that were built after the new standards but required reconfirmation, and verified the soundness of their structural designs.

Opposition to organized crime syndicates

In accordance with its Code of Conduct, Heiwa Real Estate takes a firm stance against organized crime syndicates, which have a history of extortion in Japan's real estate industry, and has established rules for strictly forbidding any relationships with their members. The Group has put procedures in place for responding to any contacts from such syndicates and refusing any attempts by them to extort money.